Best Articles of 2018

Hey guys, as the year winds down, we want to thank everybody for joining this journey. It has certainly been a rewarding one for us and we hope that we have brought you quality content that has enhanced your application and increased your chances of acceptance. That is our ultimate goal. So, today we want to review 2018 and present you guys with the top 3 blog articles of 2018. Enjoy.

  1. 3 Characteristics That Will Set You Apart From Others, July 2018

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By far, our most popular article, focuses on mentality, tenacity and grind needed to succeed in medicine and life. This article stresses on work ethic and its importance over talent. If you are looking for motivation, I would highly recommend this article. Click here to read.

2. I Was Rejected From PA School, Now What?

Everyone fails at some point in their lives. If you’re successful, you will fail thousands of time. Yup, you read that correctly. Success comes from continued failures. So, if you’re down and out from being rejected from PA school, read this article. It focuses on how to get back to drawing board, finding flaws in your application, improving on them and becoming ready to apply again and RISE! Check out the article here

3. 8 Simple Tips For A Flawless Interview

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Interviews are no doubt the most stressful facet of the application process. Being face to face with another person whose sole job is to judge you and your potential in 15 minutes. Eeek, stressing out as I write about it. This article breaks down different parts of the interview while giving tips and tricks to some of the most common mistakes made by students on their interviews. High yield content in here. Click here to read.

We hope you guys have a great New Year’s Eve. We will be here in NYC doing our best to avoid Times Square! See ya next year. Thanks everyone :)