5 Ways To Gear Up For The New Semester

It's 2019! Winter break is over and it's time to gear up for spring 2019. For some of you it's your first spring semester, for others your very last. Either way, it marks the beginning of a brand new semester of a brand new year! It gives you chance to start anew from the Fall semester. Here are a few tips to help you succeed!

  1. Get Organized!

Being organized allows you to be able to clearly keep track of the moving parts of college. Having a planner in which you have all your class times, deadlines, exam dates/times and other appointments will make sure you're not surprised by a paper due in three hours or walk into a quiz you forgot about. Being organized will keep you ahead of the game and let your plan out your weekends. I struggled with staying organized much of undergrad before started to keep a planner and organized files on my laptop. I was significantly less stressed once I could see everything written out and deadlines/exams marked on a calendar. Give it try!

2. Set up a study plan

Take a look at your course syllabus and your weekly schedule. Plan out a timeline to study for each class. This way come midterm/finals time, you won't be pulling all nighters trying to cram for that one test. It lets you learn at your pace and allows you to retain more than if you studied two days before your exam. Having a study plan set up will give you more confidence around exam time and you won't be tripped up by any of those pesky pop quizzes.

3. Make time for play

Keeping up with a full semester's worth of courses can consume all your time. As much as we all retreat into our study caves, only to venture out at the end of the semester, it's important to stay balanced. Definitely study, definitely make your classes/grades your #1 priority. But remember to make time to play. Whether it's just a cup of coffee with a friend or a quick dinner with family. Simply taking an hour of out of your day or a few out of your week will help you to take a break from classes, breathe and go back in feeling refreshed.

4. Stay active

Before school, many people were religious gym goers, fitness class attendees or home workouters. Once we become full time students, our fitness health takes a back seat to the classroom. In the midst of all the stress from classes, take the time to stay active. It will fill you with endorphins, giving you a natural high. It gives you a second wind when you feel like you just can't study anymore.

5. De-Stress

Learn modes of relaxation and how to release stress. Keeping up with classes and studying can be overwhelming and stressful. It's easy to be bogged down by it all and for it to seem like too much to handle. I had a very hard time with this and it took until I was almost done with PA school to learn how to handle my stress. Every person handles stress differently, try different methods to see which works best for you!

Make use of these tips, buckle down for the next 5 months and we’ll see you on the other side! Are there any tips you have that you would like to share? Comment below! We would love to hear from you!

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