Comprehensive Package


Comprehensive Package


PA Application Analysis, Resume Builder, Essay Analysis, 90 minute 1 on 1 Mock interview, unlimited Q&A emails, CASPA guideline. Everything that you need to get to the next level is here. 

Mock Interview

Comprised of 2 sessions; one 30 minute session and one 60 minute session

30 minutes of interview prep from speaking etiquacy, dressing etiquacy, conversation topics, advertising yourself and more.

60 minutes of mock interview, where we will grill you. This is to be taken seriously and we will not go easy on you. Under realistic scenarios, we will treat you like an applicant and test your interview skills under the harshest conditions. After the interview, you will be provided with detailed, personalized constructive criticism to make you an outstanding interviewee.

Premium Essay And Resume Builder

Two read-throughs by 2 separate readers with grammar, sentence corrections and tips on improving the context and theme of the essay. This allows more eyes, more corrections and an improved, unique, personalized essay that will stand out within thousands of other applications. Additionally, constructive criticism on your resume, its format and how to make it stand out.

Supplemental Application

This service will ensure your supplemental statement packs the punch in a clear, concise essay that supplements your CASPA application and personal statement - a Robin to your Batman, a pepper to your salt, a Carlton to your Will Smith. Similar to the personal statement review, careful analysis of the answers will be performed, the grammar and tone will be critiqued to precisely deliver the answer in the right manner and all the other goodies that come along with the personal statement review. This service will include 3 supplemental application reviews.

PA Application Analysis

Send us your application for us to analyze. We will go through your resume, essay, CASPA application to point out your strengths and your weaknesses. Capitalizing on your strengths and building on your weaknesses is easier said than done, which is why we will also include unlimited Q&A via email for the entire application process. Anytime you have questions, concerns about your application or your Starbucks order, we can help you resolve those issues alleviating your stress and anxiety

CASPA Guideline

A 6 page in-depth checklist and timeline to manage all aspects of the application, including CASPA tips and tricks, refining your application, detailed step by step instructions on the CASPA application. It is simple, comprehensive and will make your application process flawless

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