I was initially introduced to The Humerus PA by a fellow Pre PA student at UT-RGV. Aakash and Rachel worked with me on my personal statement. They were very professional and prompt in their evaluation of my personal statement. It was their attention to details and willingness to give true constructive feedback that I was able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of my statement. As a result, I was able to procure 3 interviews out of the 3 schools that I applied. I was accepted to my top choice and had to turn down interviews to the other 2 institutions. The personal statement was definitely a factor to help me secure interviews; I strongly recommend The Humerus PA.
— Yi-Lin
“When I had my first interview coming up, I was looking for any kind of help to get through this part of the process. I beat the odds of the application process and the only thing standing between me and getting into a PA program was the interview. I had a friend recommend me to The Humerus PA and it was the best recommendation I could have received. I purchased the mock interview and it was worth every penny. Aakash is easy to talk to and the mock interview was the best thing I could have done for my interview process. He took the time to explain how the interviews are conducted and gave feedback on the mock interview questions. With his professional experience and knowledge, I strongly recommend The Humerus PA. I also gained more confidence after the mock interview by feeling more prepared and after my first interview, I received an admissions offer the next week.”
— Brian Toedtmann
I have used The Humerus PA’s services throughout my entire journey towards PA school. They reviewed my application, personal statement, and resume and gave me pointers and insight as to how I could strengthen various aspects of my application. With the help of their advice and constructive criticism, I received an invitation for an interview at my top choice school. Since they were so helpful during my application process, I knew I had to use their mock interview service to better prepare myself. Aakash was so thorough and informative during our mock interview sessions and gave me a realistic insight as to what the interview day would be like. Since the school I was interviewing at utilizes a new form of interviewing (MMI), Aakash changed the format of his mock interview to fit that of an MMI, giving me challenging ethical scenarios and timing my responses. This service truly prepared me for the interview day as I walked in with confidence knowing how to tackle the interview style. Thank you Rachel and Aakash again for all of your help, students like myself truly appreciate your passion for the profession and for building a foundation for up and coming PAs
— Lea, Pre-PA
For those [prospective PA students] who would like to wish to pursue a career as a Physician Assistant, we would like to take this opportunity to recommend The Humerus PA. They provide in depth coaching with all your PA application needs. Need help with your personal statement? They provide it! Nervous about the interview process? They work with you 1-on-1 to prep for those scenarios you will be put in. If you’re truly serious about applying to PA school, then make sure you have all the help you need with The Humerus PA!
— The University of Texas- Brownsville Pre-PA Society
Aakash is a reliable and knowledgeable mentor. He gave me the confidence to tackle aspects of my essay that I would have never done myself. The constructive criticism and feedback were clear and sincere. I want to thank you for helping me transform my personal statement. I am more than pleased with your input and commitment to helping others succeed. I wish I would have known about “The Humerus PA” before the opening of CASPA!
— William D'Antonio, Pre-PA
Aakash is kind, patient and most importantly knows how to mentor students. His laid back, humorous style of guiding students is effective. I thoroughly learned and enjoyed my rotation with him
— Amanda Kyne, PA-S
I met Rachel in 2012, while I was still completing the undergraduate portion of my college journey. She’d give me pointers every now and then on how to excel in my PA school prerequisite classes. Little did I realize how much of a mentor she would become for me all these years later! When it came time for me to apply to PA school, Rachel, while being a first year PA student, meticulously reviewed my application and instructed me on how to approach the interview. I remember going into interviews already knowing answers to questions the admissions committee asked us! To my relief, I was granted my ticket into PA school. Three years later, as I approach graduation from PA school next month, I look back and can’t help but think, if it hadn’t been for Rachel’s guidance, I really don’t know where I would be.
— Jerin Koruthu, PA-C
I loved your services. Your feedback on my personal statement was very helpful. It helped bring my whole paper together [and] gave me more confidence in my paper.
— M.Z, Pre-PA
Being a non-traditional student, these guys gave me the confidence, tools and insight to be the best possible candidate I could be. Some hard work and guidance later, I was accepted. They helped me with everything from my CASPA application to my personal statement to my interviews, answering every single question and clearing every doubt. Whether you are a first time or third time applicant, whether you are a traditional or nontraditional applicant, get these guys behind you. You will not regret it. Worth every penny. Trust me.
— Molly Leach, PA-S
Aakash is very welcoming, friendly and really mentors you from a positive light. He critiqued me in a way that uplifted me and now that I have a better understanding of what to expect and how to answer interview questions, I feel that I have the tools I need to have a successful interview.
— Wendy Ochoa