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“Aakash is kind, patient and most importantly knows how to mentor students. His laid back, humorous style of guiding students is effective. I thoroughly learned and enjoyed my rotation with him” Amanda Kyne, PA-S

"I met Rachel in 2012, while I was still completing the undergraduate portion of my college journey. She’d give me pointers every now and then on how to excel in my PA school prerequisite classes. Little did I realize how much of a mentor she would become for me all these years later! When it came time for me to apply to PA school, Rachel, while being a first year PA student, meticulously reviewed my application and instructed me on how to approach the interview. I remember going into interviews already knowing answers to questions the admissions committee asked us! To my relief, I was granted my ticket into PA school. Three years later, as I approach graduation from PA school next month, I look back and can’t help but think, if it hadn’t been for Rachel’s guidance, I really don’t know where I would be." - Jerin Koruthu PA-S